Inventory Droid           (on Android Market or HERE)   

Inventory Droid is the first and only inventory management system for Android based devices and phones. Whether for home or small business use, Inventory Droid provides the user with features to itemize their possessions of household items and valuables that might want to keep track of for inventory, asset management, or insurance purposes.
Inventory Droid can also be used as a receipt, document, bills filer and/or manager.

Download the complete User Guide (v2.29+)

Download Inventory Desk
Current Features:
  • Create multiple Accounts.
  • Get spreadsheet of Total Assests of all accounts.
  • Get spreadsheet of Total Assests of an account.
  • Password protect accounts.
  • Clone Accounts.
  • Export/Import Account Backups.
  • Multi Currency support.
  • Create Custom Item Fields (Both Numeric and Alphanumeric)
  • Hide BuiltIn Item Fields (Name, Brand, Model, Serial Num,...etc.)
  • Export/Import CSV item lists into Account
  • List Account items as Centered or Left Aligned.
  • List Account items with second column of your choice.
  • Examples of 2nd column: Cost, Brand, Model, Location...etc.
  • Option to Purge All Account items.
  • Option to Zero all Account Item quantities
  • Search Items in Accounts accross categories or per category.
  • Create multiple Categories.
  • Create items in accounts manually.
  • Create items in accounts using barcode scanner
  • Item categories that are prebuilt include:-Name
Retail Cost
Purchase Date
Purchase Location
Photos of Item
Photos of Receipts
On Loan Reminders (Name, Date, Loaned to or from options)

  • Most item fields above can be filled manually or automatically using a Google, Amazon, and other Online UPC databases.
  • Item fields that are automatically filled from online DBs are:
Retail Cost.
Photos of Items

  • If barcode is unreadable, user can simply enter UPC and press "Update" to get new item fields data filled.
  • Photos and Receipts can be manually added and removed.
  • Serial Number can be scanned for convenience (no one wants to type in a 16 digit serial number)
  • Item data retrieved from Online DBs are shown as previews before being added to provide user option to choose between Google, Amazon, or generic UPC site datas.
  • System option to scan back to back without stops.
  • System option to disable online DB retrieval of information (used for local/custom items and speed)
  • System option to prompt for quantity at scan time.
  • System option to enable negative quantity value support.
  • System option to ignore English articles (a/an/the) when list sorting items.

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