It is recommended that the Android application be purchased through Google's Android Market (where it is 55% cheaper too). But knowing that a lot of world markets don't have support for Google Checkout or Android Market applications on their devices, this purchasing process was created to solve that issue and provide customers with other purchasing methods.


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         Inventory Droid



Purchasing Process:

1) Click on the to add the product to your Shopping Cart.

2) When ready for checkout, use PayPal or your credit card information to purchase the product.
NOTE: This is a secure transaction hosted by PayPal in which RomiSys has so accept to your financial information whatsoever.

3) When transaction is completed, you will be redirected to download page. If you don't, email requesting download link.

4) Download the product application file (.apk) to your computer.

5) Move the file(s) to your Android device and click on it to install, then run the application.

6) You will be asked to fill out some information and send them to RomiSys for verification.

7) When we receive the information, we will attempt to respond within 8hrs with a License Key to enter into your application to make it a fully licensed copy.

If you have any questions, please feel free to email

-RomiSys Team.