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Microcurrent FSM Module


The Microcurrent FSM Mentor is a highly versatile medical device used to conduct electro-therapy. Medical professionals use the Microcurrent FSM to deliver micro currents to their patients’ problem areas, relieving pain non-invasively. The inventor of the Microcurrent FSM came to us wishing to upgrade the machine and make it a more valuable investment to its operators.

Project goals:

The original Microcurrent FSM had not been changed since 1990 and was in need of a modern update. The goal was to redesign it with a new interfacing hardware module and updated UI. In addition, the client wished to provide users with more options for treatment and the ability to adjust machine options on-screen.


The RomiSys team worked with the client to understand the machine’s treatment goals and to give it the modern enhancements it needed. The team built an intuitive UI and reconfigured the machine to function with the new digital interface. New treatment options and protocols were added as well as embedded guidance features. The updates to the Microcurrent FSM were significant improvements over the original version. With a more user-friendly device, Microcurrent FSM operators can now use the machine to its full potential.