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Embedded Software Development

Maximize your device’s potential.

Embedded software runs behind a wide variety of our daily devices and machines from consumer electronics to transportation and medical equipment.

Designing and releasing a specialized device requires a number of aspects to be properly optimized and prioritized. Unlike regular computer software, implementing a new device into real-world use means incorporating the right hardware and developing software uniquely suited to that hardware. RomiSys provides full-cycle embedded software development taking into account technological constraints, cost optimization, and operational efficiency.

Specialized devices need specialized programming. By collaborating with our clients and focusing on their product’s mission, our embedded software integrates a full suite of embedded tools and complies with international guidelines for safety and quality. RomiSys also provides assistance with hardware design, selecting a dedicated processor and platform to bring your product to market quickly and effectively.

Smart services:
  • Full-cycle embedded development
  • Hardware selection
  • Extensive QA testing
Applications for embedded software:
  • IoT
  • Smart gadgets
  • Consumer electronics & appliances
  • Networking solutions
  • Industrial devices
  • Sensors and Data Capture

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