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Inventory Pro

Inventory management system.


This client approached RomiSys wishing to build a multi-platform inventory management system for small to medium sized businesses. The client had used other inventory systems previously but had failed to find one that truly met his business and workflow needs.

Project goals:

With this project, we wanted to build a highly-customizable and convenient inventory management system. This would require that we work closely with the client’s company to test the software and fine-tune it to their needs. The system needed an integrated mobile and desktop solution with the standard inventory management features as well as new features and options to increase efficiency as much as possible.


RomiSys opted for a web application and Android counterpart as a cost-effective and flexible solution. Each business account begins with one login and account type, tailored to the size of the business. The admin of this account can add additional users to help manage inventory and can control their permissions inside of the software. Upon logging in, users can create separate registers for separate inventory locations. Inventory is easily managed inside the register, and inventory settings are fully customizable. Users can create custom inventory categories and fields for item information as well as alarms/reminders, scanning options, GPS tracking, and reorder triggers.

The Android app is equally as helpful. Using the same login, workers on the go can quickly add new items, attach photos, and manage inventory employing the same options as the web app. Additionally, mobile users can take advantage of the app’s barcode scanning feature to add items and to automatically populate item specifics with Amazon and Google product search results. The app offers several customizability options, and all data is synced through the web.

Our development of Inventory Pro required extensive testing to account for all scenarios and user preferences. The result is a highly-customizable, organized, and scalable solution for business inventory management.