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Activity Tracker


The Activity Tracker Pod is a fun, physical activity tracker designed specifically for kids. Activity Tracker offers a fitness platform where kids can earn points for their healthy activity and compete with friends. This platform already had support for iOS and Android, but the company needed a desktop option for those who don’t have access to a mobile device.

Project goals:

The goal of this project was to build a Mac and Windows application for Activity Tracker users to sync their activity with. The Activity Tracker Pod normally syncs its data with the iOS or Android app over Bluetooth, so the desktop app would need to do the same.


RomiSys built the Activity Tracker Sync application for Mac and Windows. Activity Tracker Sync is a kid-friendly app with a playful design and easy to use interface. Since the Activity Tracker Pod bracelet uses Bluetooth to transfer data, the desktop solution includes a USB Bluetooth dongle to wirelessly connect the device. The application automatically detects a Pod connection and syncs data seamlessly, which is then transferred to the central servers. With Activity Tracker Sync, RomiSys provided an effective desktop solution for the Activity Tracker Pod without having to make any changes to the original product.