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Loyalty Card Terminal

Touchless Card Platform


The client got in touch with us to design and build a custom loyalty/entrance card reading system. This client wished to provide a versatile solution to card scanning to be used in a variety of settings. As a loyalty card scanner, the system will allow customers to easily access their accounts at their favorite stores, helping to promote sales. As an entrance card scanner, users will be able to quickly enter events and spaces without frustrating check-in procedures, saving time for both organizers and participants.

Project goals:

First and foremost, the platform needed to be quick and easy for customers to use. The last thing we like to go through is a cumbersome or ineffective card scanning and authentication process. Loyalty and entrance card systems should not be a hassle. They should be seamless, providing a smooth and stress-free experience. The RomiSys team needed to design and engineer the physical scanner as well as produce the embedded software which would run the system and authenticate users wirelessly.


Through organized development and quality testing, the RomiSys team created a compact and flexible card reader platform. The scanner has an approachable and familiar design, fitted with a touch screen for customer interaction and notification. The interface itself is built on an embedded Linux OS with Qt embedded framework. As with any new IoT device, we chose a combination of hardware and software that is optimal for constant usage and also cost-effective for the client. Card reading is accomplished with a 125Khz RFID reader. Authentication can alternatively be completed through the touch screen with a pin system. Finally, the device is equipped with Wi-Fi connectivity for authenticating each user through a central server and database.

Gathering the client’s goals, we developed a vision for the final product and successfully brought it to life. With time and financial constraints surpassed, the client received a great solution ready to be shipped right away.