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Education Oriented Platform


One of the greatest opportunities brought to us by modern technology is the ubiquitous potential for learning. With speed and scale, technology allows us to share information effectively and provide enhanced learning experiences. As such, a client came to RomiSys to develop an e-Learning product to help students in their studies. Certainly, education is an area ripe for innovation like this.

Project goals:

StudyBuddy’s primary goal is to help students learn. Therefore, it needed to be an interactive, content-rich platform that would make learning fun. Content formats must include videos, animations, games, and quizzes. The solution needed to be built as desktop software to be downloaded by students and administrators. It must be equipped with a content protection system and an online shop system for purchasing and delivering new content securely.


Development of this project was guided by StudyBuddy’s purpose. We designed a student-friendly interface, starting with a simple index for users to navigate material. Content is organized by grade level and subject and then sorted by chapter and section. Each chapter offers an immersive, educational experience composed of videos, diagrams, vocabulary games, tests, and other forms of media. The home screen presents instructions and recently viewed content. Students can learn about each subject linearly, take notes, save their progress, and then return to sections they wish to review. The whole program is platform independent, built in C++ and Qt, for both Windows and Mac support.

A primary menu connects the study area to the forum and online shop. New content is delivered securely through this shop. As a content rich product, it was important for the final solution to implement a Digital Rights Management (DRM) system for content protection. RomiSys employed the help of a security specialist to develop a Layered Content Encoding system for fast and efficient delivery. Through this system, every customer receives uniquely encoded content so that duplication is prevented.

StudyBuddy provides students with a tireless learning companion, making learning easy and fun!