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You can see digital signage in many places: airports, restaurants, schools, and more. Digital signage software allows workers to share helpful information on TVs and other displays. Digital signage has many advantages over standard signage including the ability make changes remotely and to show more detailed information.

Project goals:

The client approached RomiSys with an idea for a digital signage product. The goal was to build a web interface where users could easily design, stream, and update their digital signage. The web interface would need to be paired with another system which would play the media on the targeted displays.


Our developers came up with DigiSign, a multi-platform digital signage product. DigiSign was built with an intuitive web interface where users can easily create digital signage to place in their stores, restaurants, and other buildings. A headless Android app was created to seamlessly display the signage. DigiSign allows people to swiftly update their signs, make great designs on their own, and display a variety of media including images, video, and social media feeds.